Stop Oily Skin in its Tracks with a Silky Smooth Powder

Stop Oily Skin in its Tracks with a Silky Smooth Powder

May 23, 2019

Summer means a lot of wonderful things- longer days, pool time, cookouts, fun sundresses, and iced coffee. So much iced coffee.
Warmer weather also often translates to oilier skin for a lot of people, us included. When we feel a little too shiny, we like to turn to our amazing triple-milled powders for help!
At RIMIX, we carry two types of powder: pressed and loose. Both are great in their own ways, but there are definitely a few differences between the two. Curious which one better suits your lifestyle?
Read on!


Pressed Powders, as the name suggests, are powders that are pressed into a compact. They are super durable, and amazing for travel! Our pressed powders are tinted, so they also offer extra coverage in addition to stopping oily skin.
To summarize, pressed powders are durable, great for travel, and they provide extra coverage.


Loose powders are more lightweight than pressed powders. Our pressed powders are also translucent, so they look as light as they feel. If you're just looking to mattify shine, this is your product!
On the flip side, loose powders can also be a little messy. We don't recommend them for travel, and we definitely don't recommend that you keep one in your purse for touch-ups (unless you want your purse to look like the inside of a snow globe, in which case, go wild)! 

To summarize, loose powders mattify shine while looking and feeling lightweight on your skin.
And there you have it! If you have any questions about which powder is right for you, shoot us an email at and we'll be happy to help.

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