Light Coverage vs. Full Coverage Concealers

Light Coverage vs. Full Coverage Concealers

November 21, 2016

Light Coverage vs Full Coverage Concealer

With so many concealers on the market, our clients frequently ask us which type of concealer would work best for them. We love to answer this question, because it allows us to discuss the incredible strengths of different products. To put it simply, the concealer you choose depends on two variables: your skin type and your lifestyle choices.

Let’s talk about skin type first. Skin types generally include oily, dry, normal (neither oily nor dry), and combination (a combo of at least two of the previous options). If you have normal skin, congratulations! This is the easiest skin type to work with and you don’t have to worry about it when you’re making your decision. 

If you have oily skin and consistently see high shine and your makeup shifts throughout the day, we recommend a fuller coverage option. Its thicker consistency stops oil breakthrough, which prevents your skin from looking greasy. Fuller coverage concealer will take whatever you can throw at it, and will still look amazing at the end of the day. 


If you have dry skin, a lighter coverage concealer is a better choice for you. It still offers coverage (light to medium, depending on if you use one layer or two), but dries down to a dewier, more natural finish. Lighter concealer formulas usually contain moisturizers that will pamper your dry skin and minimize flakiness. Although it’s not quite as long-wearing as a fuller coverage concealer, if you set it with a light dusting of HD Powder in transparent, it will still look beautiful at the end of the day. 

If you have combination skin, you can certainly use different concealers on different areas of your face, depending on your needs. For example, if you have an oily nose but dry undereyes, it would make sense to use a dab of the full coverage concealer on your nose, and a swipe of the light coverage concealer under your eyes.

Now let’s quickly evaluate your lifestyle needs. Do you live in a hot, humid climate? Do you love to exercise and get sweaty? Do you have prominent facial discoloration from acne scarring, hormones, dark veining, rosacea, or any other cause? If this sounds like you, go for the full coverage. Do you prefer a more natural, dewy makeup look? Do you only have mild facial discoloration? The light coverage is the better option for you.

Overall, both of these products are absolutely fantastic and we adore them for different reasons. Concealer is definitely a must have beauty staple in our makeup bags!

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