All About Primer

All About Primer

August 28, 2016

In the makeup world, there are two main types of face primers: water-based and silicone-based. Both are wonderful in their own ways, but when formulating our RIMIX Camera Ready primer, we decided to go with a silicone formula. Here are a few reasons why we made that choice:

Silicone-based products last longer on the skin

Silicone is an occlusive, meaning that it sits on top of skin instead of absorbing into the skin. Whereas a water-based primer will sink into your skin and slowly fade throughout the day, a silicone-based primer will stay right where you put it until you deliberately remove it.

Silicone-based primers provide a proper base for foundation

Not only will your primer last all day, but any makeup you apply on top of the primer will last along with it. The primer creates a tacky base layer over the surface of your skin that grabs onto foundation and concealer and holds it in place until you wash it off. Furthermore, the primer acts as a barrier between your makeup and your skin’s natural oils. Without primer, skin oils and sweat can mix with your foundation, causing it to break down and separate over the course of the day. Applying a layer of primer between your skin and your foundation can solve this problem.

Silicone-based primers smooth over pores and fine lines

Again, because it’s an occlusive, a thick silicone primer will fill in your minor skin imperfections instead of disappearing into your skin entirely, leaving you with a beautiful, airbrushed-looking canvas to apply makeup upon. Here’s a before & after example of the effect primer has on your skin:

If you have large pores or lines, trying to cover them with layers of foundation or concealer alone can look heavy and unnatural. Since most silicone primers are invisible, smoothing on a thin layer before any colour cosmetics can help improve the appearance of skin without the risk of looking overly made-up.

These are the reasons why we chose to formulate a silicone-based primer as opposed to a water-based one. Water-based primers are great, too, but if you’re looking for a product that will camouflage minor skin imperfections, like large pores or fine lines, and help your makeup last from breakfast to after-dinner cocktails, silicone is the way to go!

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