Brows on Point

Brows on Point

April 25, 2016 1 Comment

Brows are so very important to the overall look of your face. They can enhance your everyday look with only a few minutes of maintenance. To keep your brows in tip top shape, we recommend the following:

  • Pluck Sparingly  You don't have to pluck every single hair on your brow bone. Just take a step back and pluck the hairs you notice really stand out and take away from the overall shape of your brows.

  • Use a Brow Pencil  Use a sharp brow pencil to lightly enhance the natural shape of your brows. This takes a few minutes and fills the brows to enhance their overall look. Use short strokes to mimic brow hair and always draw in the direction your brow hair is growing.


  • Brush it Out  After your pencil, you want to follow up with a brow brush to even out the pencil and make it look natural.

  • Finish with a Brow Wax  Finally, for that polished full brow look, use a brow wax with a mascara wand to fill in your brows keep them in place all day.

Remember that eyebrows are sisters, not twins. So while you want them to be similar in width and shape, they don't have to be exactly the same.

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Jo Anne Roberts
Jo Anne Roberts

November 07, 2016

I was pretty amazed to read, that eye brows were done before primer, foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer. When I’m ready to start applying my make up, first my primer. the first thing I apply is my under eye concealer. Always have, always will. Next, foundation. With my beauty blender of course. Im 56 Nov. 8th is my 56th birthday. I started doing 25% glycolic peels about 2 months ago. I wish I had started these in my younger years. My complexion is better now, than in my 20’s and 30’S AND my 40’s. Sure, I have SOME fine lines but, my overall complexion is so flawless, most days, I dont need a foundation. Im currently using SooperGoop CC cream and Jane Iredale Primer. Ok, back to my make up routine. After my foundation, I use a bronzer. Hollows of cheeks, temples, tad bit on forehead. I want to look tan pn my forehead, not highlighted and shimmery or shiney. Next, highlighter, bridge of nose, cheekbones, cupids bow. THATS IT..!! To me, women my age shouldnt highligh like the younger woman do. Less is more for us ole ladies!! Ok, next, blush, swish my blush brush in my pinky/coral elf powder blush. Above my bronzed hollowed cheek bones. Let me add, I swipe both bronzer and blush clear up through my temples. Just graduate the color/strokes. I then use a powder highlight in light golden with my fan brush , again, just to my highest part of cheek bones. Highlighter in inner corners of my eyes and 1/3 of my inner eye lid. now, my canvas is finished. I dont use a contouring kit. I dont feel like I need to as my bronzer placed in the right spots is plenty. My eyes are my next focus. Excuss the pun!! I’m gonna tell you something that may surprise you but, believe me, I get tons of compliments with whats next. I use my eye shadow blending brush to apply a layer of matt bronzer to thd outter 2/3 of my eye lid. I then use a medium light shimmer brown to my crease and slightly winged out. Highlight under my brow bone. I dont use black or brown liner anymore. Im older and need a softer color. I use prestege eyeliner under and over my eye in Blue Topaz. Sometimes charcoal grey but the blue softens and looks amazing with the matt bronzer as an eye shadow.I use my eye shadow blender brush to pick up the slightest amount of bronzer, and apply some to each side of my nose. Blending down and out slightly. Curl lashes, apply lash primer to upper lashes. While they dry, NOW I do my brows. Simple. Dark brown elf matt eye shadow. With an angled brow brush. Brush up, set with a tiny bit of gel. Now, prime lower lashes. While they dry, apply my lip product. Back to lower lashes. Apple black mascara to both upper and lower lashes. Set my face with white studio photo ready translusent powder with my fan brush but, careful not to any over my blush, bronzer or highlighted area. Basically, my T zone. Mist with InstaNatural Moroccan Rose Water. Ok….. you asked, I told. I have to say, after 43 years of applying make up, we’ve come along way babie!! I wish the world of beauty was the way it is now, when I was younger. With internet, beauty blogs and all the innovative pfoducts and science, woman my age have had alot of catching up to do but, with great results. I have my own beauty blog now and I’m trying to inform woman about really great beauty products they can use and where to find them when they sre on a tight budget. I do reviews on beauty products. Brands have begun to send me complimentary products and I’m using, reviewing, recommending. My blog is new, Its a work in progress. Find me on Word Press. Beauty On A Tight Budget 101.

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